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Details and Features

The Amonita lamp combines a design inspired by the marine fossil Ammonoidea with a vibrant black finish. Its spiral-shaped metal structure creates an eye-catching aesthetic, while the lighting provides a cosy ambience. With its sophistication, Amonita stands out visually in any space.

Dimensions: ±​​​​​​ L: 5 x H: Ø25 cm

Material: Steel

Finishes: Electrostatic Painting

Lighting: LED Strip, Neutral Light

Cable Dimension: 150 cm

Weight: ± 1.5 kg

Inside the Package: 1 Amonita

Package: L: 31 x W: 31 x H: 11 cm

Price: 200,00 €

HUGI.R | Furniture - Lighting - Acessories
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