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The anthracite colored Cruzeta hanger filled with garments placed on the different supports.



Details and Features

Cruzeta, the perfect complete and practical hanger to keep your room organised and take care of different pieces of clothing. With a solid wood structure and an elegant oak varnish finish, Cruzeta combines style and functionality to perfection.

Its metal supports, in anthracite but with the possibility of customising in various colours, are able to support various types of clothing, from dresses to suits, from blouses to shirts, shoes to high heels.

Dimensions: L: 52 x W: 47 x H: 120 cm

Material: Wood and Steel Supports

Finishes: Oak Varnish and Electrostatic Painting

Supports: Clothing and Shoes

Weight: ± 7 kg

Inside the Package: 1 Cruzeta + 3 Hangers + Assembly Instructions

Package: L: 55 x W: 50 x H: 125 cm

Price: 160,00 € 

Other Colours

#1 Anthracite

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