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Demonstration of the functionality of the cork desk organizer Kit and yellow metal holder.



Details and Features

The KIT is a versatile and functional product that helps keep the desk organised and increases productivity in the workplace. Compartments for storing your mobile phone, pens, pencils, papers and diaries, fastening at different points and a side stand in a vibrant yellow colour. The minimalist design is achieved through the use of cork, a 100% natural, sustainable material with a pleasant texture.

Dimensions: L: 15 x W: 10 x H: 10 cm

Material: Cork and Metal

Finishes: Electrostatic Painting

Supports: Mobile, Pens or Pencils, Calendars, Deposit, Fixing on Cork

Weight: ± 0.55 kg

Inside the Package: 1 Kit

Package: L: 16 x W: 12 x H: 11.5 cm

Price: 35,00 €

Other Colours

#2 Yellow

#3 Black

#4 Blue

#5 Green

#6 White

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