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Marmorite vase molded and painted with red color and texture.



Details and Features

Marmorite vases are available in various colors, including the vibrant red. They are meticulously molded and hand-painted using artisanal techniques, and have a modern and elegant look thanks to the textured and colorful coating.

Dimensions: L: 22 x W: 8 x H: 11 cm

Material: Ceramic  

Finishes: Transparent Glaze

Weight: ± 0.4 kg

Inside the Package: 1 Marmorite

Package: L: 25 x W: 18 x H: 12 cm

Price: 40,00 €

Other Colours

Marmorite red
Marmorite black

#2 Black

Marmorite green

#3 Green

Marmorite yellow

#4 Yellow

Marmorite blue

#5 Blue

Marmorite brown

#6 Brown

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