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We look behind the obvious in every challenge.

Sharing ideas, generating experiences and creating sensations are the result of the script of each story we want to tell.

Dynamic and multidisciplinary in an innovative and functional approach in every product we create, in order to rediscover improbable solutions, sustainable and with a unique design.


In 2014, Hugo Ribeiro started the studio with the desire to face challenges and share his ideas. Over the years, the team has grown and the aim has continued to be to mix concepts and push the boundaries of pieces by challenging convention.

We seek to create a difference in the present, looking to the future. This may involve incorporating technologies, adopting sustainable practices, promoting collaboration and looking for innovative solutions.

In the future, the team seeks to combine creativity, innovation and imagination in a new approach that shares the essence of Design and that can further expand its ideas.

HUGI.R | Furniture - Lighting - Acessories
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