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Set of Agaphanto E.T. cork table lamps with colored wooden legs.


Table Lamp

The Agaphanto E.T. table lamp combines the natural beauty of the herbaceous flowering Agapanthus with the soft, organic texture of cork. The result is a minimalist and elegant design that adds sophistication to any environment.


Agaphanto E.T. provides soft and pleasant lighting, capable of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at home or in the office. With several color options available, this lamp is a sophisticated choice for those looking for a functional and contemporary lamp.

Dimensions: L: 37.5 x W: 14 x H: 19.5 cm

Materials: Cork and MDF Wood

Colours: White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Lamp Type: E27 (included)

Cable Type: Fabric coated with braid effect

Cable Dimension: 150cm

Inside the Packaging: 1 Agaphanto E.T. + Instruction Manual + Lamp

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