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Table Lamp


Conical and flexible lamp through the spring production method, using steel as raw material.


The link between form and light, makes it possible to create patterns and reflections in the space where it is located, providing at the same time an ambient light.


Color works as a decorative element that makes its shape stand out.

Dimensions: L: Ø10.5 x H: 29 cm

Material: Steel

Finishes: Electrostatic Painting


#2 Beige Red

#3 Bright Blue

#4 Pale Brown

I want to know more!

Lamp Type: E27

Cable Dimension: 150 cm

Cable: Coated with Black Plain Fabric

Weight: ± 0.8 kg

Inside the Package: 1 F=K.x + Lamp

Package: L: 35 x W: 12 x H: 14 cm

Price: 90,00 €

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