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IMAN is the holder for laptop, mobile phone and pens in wood and PLA. A functional and adjustable set with a fabric bag.




Practical, Comfortable and Complete.

IMAN workstation was developed thinking about the spaces and challenges of a working or leisure day.


It is composed by three supports that can be connected to each other, produced in Wood + PLA and a travel accessory in fabric so that you can take the workstation anywhere.


The laptop support is designed with a height and inclination so that it is more comfortable and ergonomic during use, at the same time it allows cooling and you can choose between two sizes L 11 Inch to 13 Inch and XL 15 Inch to 17 Inch laptops.


So that you can have everything you need close by, we added (i) the Mobile / Tablet support, where the inclination and support allows you to have different uses, such as use in meetings and (ii) a support for pencils and pens so you never forget to write down what you need.

Support for PC: L 11 to 13 in. L: 35 x W: Ø3.5 cm | XL 15 to 17 in. L: 45 x W: Ø3.5 cm  

Material: Wood and PLA

Finishes: Black Color Supports



#2 Flowers


#3 Green Rose


#4 Orange

I want to know more!

Weight: ± 0.2 kg

Dimension of Accessories: Mobile/Tablet  L: 12 x W: Ø3.5 cm | Pencil/Pen C: 12 x L: Ø 3.5 cm

Bag C: 50 x L: 13  cm

Inside the Package: PC Holder, Mobile/Tablet Holder, Pen Holder, Tissue Bag

Package: L: 48 x W: 10 x H: 7 cm

Price:30,00 € | XL 35,00 €


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#6 China

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