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Set of desk organizer Kits in cork and metal holder in various colors.


Desk Organizer

Keeping your desk organized is now easier with the KIT, which is functional and versatile and offers several compartments to store objects such as your cell phone, pens, paper clips, papers and diaries.


The minimalist design of the KIT is achieved through the use of cork, a 100% natural, sustainable material with a pleasant texture. Cork is a conscious choice for a product like the KIT, as it is a resistant and durable material.


To add a touch of color and personality to the desk, the KIT has a side support available in several vibrant colors.

Dimensions: L: 15 x W: 10 x H: 10 cm

Materials: Cork and Metal

Colours: White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black

Supports: Mobile phones, Pens, Papers, Diaries, Paper clips

Inside the Packaging: 1 Kit

Choose your colour

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