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In a living room setting, the fish of the Recife in various shapes, colors and dazzling patterns stand out.


Decorative Ceramics

Through ceramic sculpture and painting, with its own expressiveness and the mixture of pigments, combining experience and techniques perfected over several years, we give life and continuity to the Recife fish series.

Recife fish come in a huge variety of colors and dazzling and bizarre patterns, inspiring this unique project.

We counted on the collaboration of ceramic painter Josefina Ribeiro, whose talent and skills made a fundamental contribution to the project. His experience allowed him to portray the essence and unique beauty of fish in each piece of ceramic.

Dimensions: ± L: 19 x W: 10 x H: 0.5 cm

Materials: Ceramics

Fish: Moon, Clown, Zebra, Zangulus, Carnation, Pineapple

Technique: Ceramic Painting

Inside the Packaging: 1 Recife + Wall Support

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