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Set of Spirale lamps in conical spiral shape with different colors.


Table Lamp

Spirale is a lamp in the shape of a conical spiral made of carbon steel. Its unique shape creates patterns and reflections of light in the space where it is located, providing soft and pleasant ambient lighting. The colors, including four pre-selected options, add a touch of elegance to different spaces and can be customized, making the Spirale not only functional, but also a decorative element that highlights its artistic form.

Dimensions: L: Ø10.5 x H: 29 cm

Materials: Steel

Colours: Pale Brown, Bright Blue, Beige Red, Pale Green

Lamp Type: E27 (included)

Cable Dimension: 150 cm

Cable Type: Coated with Black plain fabric

Inside the Packaging: 1 Spirale + Lamp

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