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Aromatic Vases

Rombi vases are a perfect combination of design and functionality, inspired by the rhombicuboctahedron, a complex shape made up of eight triangles and eighteen squares.


These vases are meticulously molded with aromatic and colored wax, resulting in charming pieces that create a pleasant and engaging environment around them.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Rombi vases also have practical features. Made from a waterproof material, they offer reliable protection for your plants. With its spacious interior, it allows you to care for and water your plants conveniently and efficiently, wherever you are.


Discover a new way to enjoy gardening with Rombi pots, combining style, pleasant aromas and ease of use in a single product.

Dimensions: L: 9 x W: 9 x H: 9 cm

Materials: Aromatic Wax

Colours: Black, Grey, Purple, Brown, Yellow, White

Inside the Packaging: 1 Rombi

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